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The common misconception about art is that only naturally gifted people can really do it, that paint brushes are proffered to canvas and somehow it just happens. In my view, this is not the case at all. Even professional artists, myself included, have problems with the technical side of things and often lack inspiration. Like learning a language or taking driving lessons, anyone can do it. Art is a product of understanding, development and practice. It is not necessarily a natural gift and can definitely be learnt.

Thanks mainly to the influence of my Father, I spent many of my informative years as a child sketching, drawing and painting. This early study and constant practice gave me a valuable grounding in the subject. After bringing up a family and not having done a deal of artwork for many years, I decided to learn how to use watercolours properly. This was the one medium that I had always struggled with in years past. I looked at work by other artists and loved the delicate tones and textures in watercolour paintings. When I tried it, I failed miserably. There was something I wasn’t doing right. After much practice, trial and error I started to understand how watercolours worked. It only took me about ten years! I realised that watercolours do not behave like any other art mediums and have to be approached in a completely different way. Most people apply the paint as they would with oils or acrylics and it just doesn’t work. Looking back, I realised that the plethora of books and videos that I had bought had not helped that much. I learnt the hard way but I am convinced that I can significantly shorten that learning process for you! You will be astonished by what you can accomplish in just a few weeks.

My six week course is geared towards learning how to use watercolours. However, there is so much to consider before picking up a paint brush that any artist using any art medium can benefit from this course. The six individual sessions will take you on a remarkable journey. There are some startling revelations about how human eyes work and how perception is often different from reality. You will learn how to plan and compose a picture. You will be shown how to use colours and use contrast to bring depth and life to your work. Then I will share with you some of the incredible techniques and tips that I have discovered over the years to help you get the best out of watercolours. Prepare to be amazed!

The cost of a course is currently £150 which includes refreshments and all the materials you need. Each lesson lasts for around two and a half hours and there are six of them so the cost works out at less than £10 per hour. This really is very good value for money.  Sessions for courses are: Monday mornings and evenings. Tuesday afternoons and evenings, Wednesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and evenings, Friday mornings and afternoons, Saturday mornings. Dates are set in accordance with the availability of those applying so if you are interested, please let me know the best times for you including any extended periods when you may be unavailable.

Stephen Coates


Phone: 07887 900918


Many past students have said how much they enjoyed the art courses and how much they learnt but feel they need something to keep them going. So now you can join one of my Art groups which meets fortnightly on the same day of the week. These sessions are more informal than the art classes and contain a mixture of presentations, discussions, tuition and open art sessions when you can just draw or paint whatever you like. Refreshments are free so you can just drink coffee and chat if you prefer! They are a lot of fun and the aim is to give you the incentive you need to stick at it. These groups are no greater than 15 people in number and are monthly subscribed. The cost of membership is just £15 per month. Should you be interested in joining one of these groups, please let me have your details and I will let you know if there is a place available. Currently there are five groups on Monday afternoons,Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings. There is currently a waiting list for the groups so please do let me know if you would like to be contacted once a place is available.


Art Classes and Art groups are held in a superb studio suite on Ecclesall Road South in Sheffield.


Phone: 07887 900918

Thank you,  Stephen Coates