Studio Workshops

Friday watercolour  workshops 10 am – 4 pm

It is now possible to invite groups of people into the studio to attend workshops. Care will still be taken to help keep everyone safe. For more details about what we do in the individual workshops, please keep scrolling further down the page. Maximum of 7 persons per workshop.


New workshop – “Painting dramatic watercolour skies”

FRIDAY 10th JUNE 2022 –  2 places remaining


New workshop – “Line & Wash street scene with human figures”

FRIDAY 17th JUNE 2022 –  2 Places available


New workshop – “Understanding reflections & painting water”

FRIDAY 8th JULY 2022 –  4 places remaining


New workshop – “Summer landscape in watercolour”

FRIDAY 5th AUGUST 2022 –  4 places remaining


New workshop – “Autumn woodland”

FRIDAY 19th AUGUST 2022 –  Places available


New workshop – “Understanding watercolours – The fundamentals”

FRIDAY 16th SEPTEMBER 2022 –  Places available


New workshop – “Painting dramatic watercoloiur skies”

FRIDAY 30th SEPTEMBER 2022 –  Places available


To book or make an enquiry about any of these workshops, please send an email or give me a call.

I can then keep in touch with you directly.     –     07887 900918


Friday Workshops in a superb teaching studio in Sheffield

Understanding Watercolours – The Fundamentals

In a radical and exciting way, students are shown why watercolours are so different from every other medium. Learn how to combine colours, control blending and use the paint effectively. Build up various exercises throughout the day with the culmination of a finished painting or two! You will be amazed at how much you will learn in a few short hours even if you have been painting for years! All equipment is provided but feel free to bring your own kit.

Summer Landscape in watercolour 

Painting a summer landscape with trees in full leaf and swathes of green meadows is a constant challenge for watercolour artists. Green is an odd colour and easy to get wrong. Planning, mixing and brush techniques are all dealt with in this workshop. You will go home with a much better understanding of how to create our green and pleasant land in watercolour. All equipment is provided but feel free to bring your own kit.

Understanding Reflections and painting water

Have you ever wondered how to make a body of water shine so that it actually looks like water? It’s all about the reflections, but they behave in many different ways according to conditions. To start with students will study reflections by watching a fantastic presentation on the screen. Everyone will produce a sketch and make a painting plan followed by a step by step tutorial to create a finished watercolour painting of a lake at sunset. Very inspiring! All equipment is provided but feel free to bring your own kit.

Painting dramatic watercolour skies

Skies are problematic for any watercolour artist. A sky is very often the largest area in a landscape and yet it should be executed in the shortest time. Using broad washes with large brushes, controlling the pigment and learning to paint quickly are all part of this exciting workshop. Students will go home with several painted skies and at least one finished piece of work. This totally fresh approach to painting skies in watercolour may just change your style forever! All equipment is provided but feel free to bring your own kit.

Line & wash street scene with human figures

In this workshop we will study how to represent realistic human figures by first sketching and then painting. We will create a street scene on a wet day populated with people featuring umbrellas and reflections. All of this will be done in the very popular line and wash style where everything is drawn first with a waterproof pen and the paint added afterwards. All equipment is provided but feel free to bring your own kit.

Spring/Autumn woodland

 This workshop will show you how to paint a forest of trees without leaves with a strong sense of light and long spring/autumn shadows. You will also learn how to create incredible depth in a painting along with some amazing watercolour techniques. Your family and friends will be truly amazed at what you will take home. All equipment is provided but feel free to bring your own kit.


All workshops start at 10 am and end at 4 pm with a break for lunch. Please note Lunch is not included but there is a great sandwich shop below.

The cost of a workshop is £50 and includes all materials and liquid refreshments.

A minimum of four persons is required for a workshop to take place. There is a maximum of seven places per workshop. Workshops subject to cancellation if the minimum of four is not reached.  No payment is required until confirmation that the workshop will go ahead. A minimum of two weeks notice will be given in the event of a cancellation. Once a booking is placed, students will be kept informed about the workshop status.  A payment of £50 will then be required which can be made by bank transfer, credit/debit card via a phone call or the website.

To book a place, chose your workshop(s) and either send an email to or phone 07887 900918